Wooldot is a Danish design brand with proud cooperation in Nepal. We have established a high-quality production in Kathmandu. While being the leading manufacturer of ball rugs and felt products made from 100% wool, it is important for us to give our ‘knowhow’ back to the region.

Wooldot have been supporting, producing and importing interior products from Nepal since 2008.



Traditional crafts combined with functional quality gives us an opportunity to design unique products, made with care.

It takes about 45 hours to make the felt balls and 30 hours to sew the balls together for a ball rug. All our products are made by hand – minor variations in size and color may occur.

The weight of the wool determines how firm and shape-stable the rug is made. Here you can see the difference between good and bad quality. Our weight of wool is minimum 5.2 kg/m2, to ensure our top quality.

All our products are 100% wool and colored with non-toxic, non-allergic and AZO free colors.
The wool has been tested at Intertek and has certification of 100% wool.



It all started with a Bag-Pack trip to Nepal where we fell in love with these beautiful handmade rugs that have been produced in the area for decades. We established a strong contact with our current supplier, which at that time was only a small company with 3-4 employees. The first few years we imported approx. 20-30 rugs annually and only to friends and acquaintances. In 2012, we decided to increase the import and start selling the rugs more commercially and today we have about 100 ladies producing rugs for us.



We are proud of our long-lasting cooperation in Nepal. By giving 100 women work, we give them the opportunity for a good and independent life. We want to expand our business even more, not only to provide customers with high quality wool products and creative design, but also to keep developing the region, providing even more decent jobs for women and maintain a Danish responsibility throughout our whole company.

We want to be known for selling the best quality and best products, at a fair price. We are currently in the evaluation period at WFTO and will within Q2 hopefulle have both the WFTO label and the Goodweave label on our products.



Thank you for being a part of Wooldot, we hope you enjoy our products and want to continue following our journey.


With care.

Stefan, CEO